Dekia LSC33 sheet laminator
Suction fed, automatic laminator with four-sided trimming.
Dekia 8335B Creaser
Suction fed automatic creasing machine for medium to large volumes. Perforation in both directions and cutting wheels are an option.
Dekia CF52 folding machine with crease
Combined folding and creasing machines with half folder. Manual or automatic feeding.
Dekia CF32 creasing machine with fold
Semi automatic combined creasing and folding machine. Desktop model with manual feeding. Half fold.
Dekia Aeolus 52 deep pile feeder
Versatile suction fed deep pile feeder.
Dekia Lightning Fold
Suction fed, combined creasing and folding machine with a variety of options.
Dekia 8335BSC Multi Card
Versatile card cutter for business cards, photos, greeting cards etc. Image drift compensation. 9 inch touch-screen. Suction pile feed. Perforation, creasing and kiss cutting available as option.
Dekia Corner Rounder CR68
Powerful corner rounding machine with seven built-in punching dies.
Dekia Booklet Maker EB215
Semi-automatic booklet maker for small to medium size production. Saddle or flat (side or corner) stitch and up to four stitching heads.
Dekia Window Cutter 521
The Dekia Window Cutter peforates the sheet by punching 1mm wide "windows" making especially laminated sheets or heavier stock easy to fold and lay flat. For larger number of pages the perforation can be progressively moved. Suitable for laminated menus etc.

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