Staples for Introma Stapler
Staples for Introma stapler.
Staples for industrial stapling
Staples for industrial stapling such as corrugated cardboard etc. K15 is suitable for stapling of...
Introma Stapler ZD-2SR
Powerful spool-wire stitcher for flat and saddle stapling. Large stapling capacity.
Introma Stapler T18
Powerful stapling machine developed for stitching cardboard boxes etc.
Introma Stapler X14
Flexible stapling machine for flat and saddle stapling. High capacity for saddle stitching, works well with larger formats du to the great insertion depth.
Introma Stapler K8
Powerful stapling machine for heavy-duty stitching of cardboard, plywood, plastics, fabrics etc.
Stitching wire for Introma Stapler ZD-2SR - 3kg
3 kg stitching wire. 1 roll / pck.

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