Minipack FM Evo
The FM Evo series are versatile manual or automatic shrink wrap machines with chamber suitable for any type of packaging.
Minipack Minima Evo
Manual shrink wrap machine designed for small/medium-sized production.
Minipack Tunnel 50 Twin
Automatic shrink wrap machine with double heating chambers, high speed belt and great air flow control,
Minipack Plexi 30/60
Automatic horizontal bagging machines with an extremely compact design and an innovative sealing system.
Minipack Pratika
The Pratika line is composed of a series of innovative shrink wrap machines, and equipped with a high technological and mechanical content.
Minipack Replay Evo
The Replay Evo series are chamber shrink wrap machines combining technological content of the highest quality with a basic and compact shape in order to aim at substance without losing in excellence.

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