White hot melt glue for high quality bindings even at high machine speeds. Suitable for binding...
Planatol pad-binding glue
White pad-binding glue for manual production of unperforated tear-off pads, such as writing pads,...
Planatol book binding glue - Planaxol
White, water based glue for manual book binding. Sold in packs of 1.05 and 5.5 kg.
Planatol DK B 3040 - cold glue, 5 kg
Special adhesive dispersion for manual perfect-binding and gluing
Planamelt R hot melt glue
PUR-like quality at low cost. Outstanding strenght of the binding. Advantageously, you can use...
Planamelt S side glue
Hot melt glue for side gluing and end papering. Advantageously, you can use this together with...

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