Rilecart Wire System PB-735 HD DP
Automatic punch and bind machine for books and calendars. A clever and flexible machine able to punch and bind up to 9/16”.
Rilecart Wire System B-599 HF/DP-4500
The fastest fully automatic binding machine on the market. Can process book, pads, exercise books, diaries and many other products with double loop wire.
Rilecart Wire Binder WB-450
Semi-automatic binding machine for 3:1 and 2:1 spool wire. User friendly touch-screen operation.
Rilecart Wire Binder R-522 TS
Semiautomatic wire binding machine. Easy to use, easy to maintain and exceptionally sturdy.
Rilecart Wire Puncher 4/42
This automatic punching machine from Rilecart has been designed specifically for small and medium sizes.

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