We are proud to be agents for the renowned brand Schneider Senator in Sweden. With their long history, dating back over a hundred years, and their constant, and often leading, development of guillotines and peripherals - they are our first choice when it comes to cutting machines.


Schneider Senator 78/92 Compact/Advance
Guillotines for small-format cutting with direct electromechanical knife drive and hydraulic clamp bar.
Schneider Senator S-line 115H/137H/155H
Fully hydraulic guillotines with cutting widths up to 155 cm.


Schneider Senator Sheet Transport System BTS
The Schneider Senator BTS pusher system has been designed for automatic loading of material to be cut from joggers or air board lifts on to the rear table of the guillotine.
Schneider Senator Restacker
The Schneider Senator Restacker ensures an exact placement of sheet material onto pallets. Reams of paper, board, plastic foil, printed or unprinted material can be precisely aligned onto stacks up to a height of 1015 or 1650 mm (incl. pallet).
Schneider Senator Pressing Station
By forcing out excessive air the Schneider Senator Pressing Station forms compact and stabilised reams for cutting .

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