Skrebba is based in the city of Lahr in southwestern Germany. With over a century of history Skrebba has become a leader in manufacturing of heavy duty and electronic staplers that are distributed all over the world.

Skrebbas principle is all about quality why they can meet the highest standards regarding functionality, durability and user-friendliness. With ongoing quality managment Skrebba can ensure that their high standards are maintained 100%, starting with a careful selection of raw materials, absolute precision during production and finishing.

In Servas web shop you find products for many different kind of stapling methods. Also the high quality staples from Skrebba that not just fit in Skrebba products but also in most others staplers on the market. If you have questions about Skrebba products or can't find the product that meet your needs, don't hesitate to contact Serva, we will do the best to assist you.

Skrebba staples with loop
High quality staples for saddle stapling (brochure) with loop. Available in different sizes to...
Skrebba staples, stronger - for block
High quality staples for stapling of bundles with thick or rigid sheets. For thinner or softer...
Skrebba staples -for  block
High quality staples for stapling of thin to semirigid sheets. For thicker or stiffer sheets...
Skrebba staples - for saddle/brochure and block
High quality staples for saddle stapling (brochure) and block stapling as well. Available in...
Skrebba Skre-Tronic Falz
High-quality electric saddle stitcher with one or two stapling heads.
Skrebba Skre-Ring
High quality manual saddle stitcher with one or two stapling heads.
Skrebba Skre-Tronic
Electric flat stapling machine with automatic stapling by sensor.
Skrebba Skre-Block
Manual heavy duty stapler with high stapling capacity. Only a light hand pressure is needed which make this models very user-friendly.
Skre-Block Pneumatic
Powerful and fast pneumatic heavy duty machine with high stapling capacity.

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