We offer a variaty of creasing machines, ranging from manual creasing machines to large suction fed automatic machines. You will also find machines that combines folding with creasing in the category »Folding with crease«.

To see our products in creasing, select the desired category below or in the left menu. See also facts about creasing at the bottom of the page.


Small production
Manual and semi-automatic creasing machines for shorter runs.
Mid-size production
Semi-automatic creasing for mid-size production.
Large production
Suction fed machines for larger production.

About creasing

Creasing is the process when a rounded edge creates an indentation in the paper to facilitate folding and to avoid cracks in the paper when the folding line runs across the paper grain. It is also common to crease paper of higher grammage before folding, regardless of the paper fiber direction.

Some machines use a knife shaped tool that strikes the paper, creating a crease while others have a wheel that runs over the paper. The tools can often be changed to create different width and depth of the crease to be better adapted to different types and thicknesses of paper.

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