We offer a wide range of cutting machines for paper and other media. Manual and electric trimmers are available for cutting smaller amounts of sheets. For smaller sheets and small bundles are cutting machines with guillotine or lever an option. For larger bundles are electric cutting machines available and for large bundles and higher requirements we offer a variety of hydraulic cutting machines. For cutting other media such as boards and plexiglass take a look at "Trimming, boards".

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Lever, bundle
Cutting of larger bundles when the highest accuracy is not most important.
Electric, bundle
Cutting of large bundles with precision requirements. For offices and small print shops.
For cutting large bundles with precision and speed requirements.
Schneider Senator
When the requirements of quality and performance are the highest, Schneider Senators hydraulic cutting machines are in a class by itself.
Peripheral equipment
Machinery and equipment for use in connection with the cutting machines.
Guillotine, sheets
Cutting of single sheets or smaller bundles.
Business card
Cutting machines for business cards.
Accessories - cutting
Cutting knives, sticks and other accessories for cutting machines.
Trimming, boards
For cutting larger boards.
Trimming, sheets/banners
For cutting larger sheets and banners.
Accessories - trimming
Accessories for our machines for trimming sheets and banners.
Vinyl Cutting
For contour cutting of primarily adhesive vinyl.

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