Schneider Senator Restacker
The Schneider Senator Restacker ensures an exact placement of sheet material onto pallets. Reams of paper, board, plastic foil, printed or unprinted material can be precisely aligned onto stacks up to a height of 1015 or 1650 mm (incl. pallet).
Schneider Senator Sheet Transport System BTS
The Schneider Senator BTS pusher system has been designed for automatic loading of material to be cut from joggers or air board lifts on to the rear table of the guillotine.
Schneider Senator Pressing Station
By forcing out excessive air the Schneider Senator Pressing Station forms compact and stabilised reams for cutting .
Schneider Senator Roboload
Roboload eliminates the labor- intensive loading of ventilated reams onto a jogger. The machine has a performance of up to 45.000 sheets per hour (80 gsm paper in 3B-format).
Busch Waste Conveyor - automatic
Waste conveyors for automatic removal of cut waste. Suitable for guillotines with automatic waste removal (like Schneider Senator with TrimmMaster).
Busch Waste Conveyor
Waste conveyors for removal of cut waste. Suitable for most guillotines without automatic waste removal.
Busch Pile Turner SWH 155/180
Pile turners with or without airing, jogging and aligning. For sheets up to 122 x 165 cm.
Busch Pile Turner SE 90/125
The efficient low priced SE Pile Turner handles sheet sizes up to 80 x 120 cm.
Busch Pile Turner SWH 90/125
Pile turners with airing and aligning for sheet sizes up to 80 x 120 cm.
Busch Multiple Bander
Automatic banding machines with up to 12 banding stations.
Busch Feed Bander
Fully automatic banding of product piles following guillotines or folding machines.
Busch Paper Jogger BR 87/115/150
Paper jogger with automatic, frequency controlled jogging mechanism.
Busch HL Pile Hoist
Pile hoists for automatic lifting and lowering of palletized cutting material for ergonomic work at a comfortable height.
Busch Paper Jogger BRA 87/115/150
Paper jogger with automatic, frequency controlled jogging mechanism and air removal roller.

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