Vinyl & Label Cutters

Secabo C V vinyl cutter
High cutting quality and precision make the Secabo C V series of vinyl cutters a reliable partner in handling all materials commonly used in advertising.
Secabo S II vinyl cutter
The Secabo S II series of vinyl cutters was specially designed for users who wish to produce high volumes and bulk orders in professional quality. It can handle all commonly used materials up to a maximum cutting width of 126cm and a media width of up to 135cm.
Secabo T II vinyl cutter
The Secabo T II series of vinyl cutters offer modern automatic functions that are ideal for working with large plots and processing large quantities in professional quality. The automatic media detection feature configures the software to the inserted media width. Maximum media width of 175cm and a maximum cutting width of 160cm.
Secabo LC30 label cutter
The LC30 is a roll-to-roll label cutter for fully automatic production of free-form labels and tags in short and medium quantities.
Secabo CIV vinyl cutter
The vinyl cutters from the Secabo CIV range are a series of reliable machines for cutting widths up to 135cm.

Flat bed die cutting

Mamo DigiFust 6080 flat bed die cutter
Flexible and versatile flat bed die cutter for personalized packaging, prototyping, displays, folders etc. The V-Studio software lets you perform a wide range of actions.

Related products

Drawcut Expert for Secabo vinyl cutters
DrawCut Expert is a software package offering a total solution for all your signmaking needs. Packed with tools and features to design and output everything from vinyl signs, decals and stickers right through to banners and full color posters. The Special Effects are spectacular and unequaled in the industry. Compatible with all Secabo vinyl cutters in the CIII, CIV, S and T series.
Drawcut Pro for Secabo vinyl cutters
Besides the already powerful layout and editing tools of DrawCut LITE, DrawCut PRO comes with further features such as block and drop shadows for texts and objects, text to path and arc, outline or weld text, draw stars and arrows and many other amazing options. DrawCut PRO will make you independent from design software such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator. Compatible with all Secabo vinyl cutters in the CIII, CIV, S and T series.
Drawcut Lite for Secabo vinyl cutters
Design, edit and cut. Drawcut Lite is a simple yet powerful software to edit your graphics and plot files with lots of features dedicated to create plotable designs. Compatible with all vinyl cutters in the CIII, CIV, S and T series.
Secabo drag knife 30°/45°/60°
Drag knives for Secabo vinyl cutters.
Secabo plotting sheet A4/A3/60x90
Self-adhesive plotting surface for cutting media that does not consist of two layers - such as paper, cardboard, etc. Available in three sizes.
Secabo cutting bar 30/60/120/160
Cutting stick replacement for the Secabo vinyl cutters. Available in four lengths.
Cutter holder for Secabo CIV/S/T series
Cutter holder with ball-bearing for use with drag knives for the Secabo CIV, S and T-series.
Secabo cut mat
Self-healing cutting mat from Secabo. 1cm raster. Available in three sizes.
Collector for Secabo 60/120/160
Practical collector for mounting on the stand of a Secabo C60IV, S60 or T60 vinyl cutters.

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