We offer a variety of machines for destruction of documents and data media, ranging from small machines to large models  for industrial use. Depending on the type of document you destroy and what requirements your company has, you can choose a machine with the proper safety as described below.

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Shredders for office environments with low up to high security standards.
Shredders for large scale destruction of documents.
Data media
Degaussers for data destruction.
Waste bags and oil for shredders.

About safety classification DIN 66399

The new classification DIN 66399, which replaces the previous DIN 32757, encompasses several types of media and adds a seventh safety level. In the list below you find the requirements for each level regarding shredding of paper, film, printing plates, etc (Material classification: P).

  • Nivå P-1: ≤12 mm strip width, unlimited lenght.
  • Nivå P-2: ≤6 mm strip width, unlimited lenght.
  • Nivå P-3: ≤2 mmstrip width, unlimited lenght or ≤320 mm² particle size (unlimited lenght).
  • Nivå P-4: ≤160 mm² particle size with strip width ≤6 mm.
  • Nivå P-5: ≤30 mm² particle size with strip width ≤2 mm.
  • Nivå P-6: ≤10 mm² particle size with strip width ≤1 mm.
  • Nivå P-7: ≤5 mm² particle size with strip width ≤1 mm.

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