Guillotine RC 440S / 560 / 710
Manual guillotine for cutting sheets or stacks (up to 5mm thick) of paper. Automatic clamping keeps the paper in place. Adjustable guides for a more precise operation.
Guillotine RC 464M/508M
A series of manual guillotines for cutting of reams.
Hang Piccolo 102-04/102-28 eyeletting machine
Manual eyeletting machines for self-punching metal eyelets. Available as table top or floor stand version. Automatic feeding of eyelets. Sold with an exchangeable tool for eyelets with an inner diameter between 3mm and 7.5mm.
Hang Piccolo 102-15 eyeletting machine
Manual eyeletting machine with two heads for self-punching metal eyelets. Automatic feeding of eyelets. Sold with fixed tools for eyelets with an inner diameter between 3mm and 7.5mm.
Serva Creaser 315M
Manual creasing machine with a maximum crease length of 315mm. Most suitable when creasing in angle or creasing of small formats.
Serva Creaser 460M
Manual creasing machine with maximum crease length of 460mm, for format up to SRA3 landscape.
Serva Cutter 460E
Electric guillotine for cutting paper sizes up to SRA3.
Serva Folder 41M
Compact friction fed folding machine for smaller production and sheet sizes up to A4.
Serva Thermal Binder 330
Compact and easy to use teable top machine for thermal binding.
Skrebba Skre-Block
Manual heavy duty stapler with high stapling capacity. Only a light hand pressure is needed which make this models very user-friendly.
Skrebba Skre-Ring
High quality manual saddle stitcher with one or two stapling heads.
Sky Laminator 335-6 / 330-10 / 490-6
High-speed pouch laminators. 6 or 10 roller design. Heating rollers with anti jam coating.
Warrior Corner Rounder
Versatile manual punching machine for corner rounding, straight corner punching, hole punching etc. Great "starting model" and for lower production volumes,
Warrior Puncher Euro-Hole
Manual punch for Euro-hole. Available in two sizes.

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