Digital Foil Fuser DF-350
Foiling and sleeking machine for digital printed sheets that gives a foiling with sharp edges and very good adhesiveness. Fast production with semi-automatic feed of sheets up to SRA3 format.
Bold X10 - eyelet puncher
Robust portable eyelet puncher with high performance and precision. Interchangeable tools for 3 different eyelet sizes. Suitable for users with high demands and lower production volumes or as a complement to production machine.
Cyklos Calendar Punch CP 20
Small but robust calendar punching machine, also called half circle punch and "thumb cut". Often used for spiral binded calendars. Ideal when requirements and needs are a little higher, but the volumes are not large enough for a bigger and more automatic machine.
HSM Cardboard Shredder P425
Cardboard shredder in mobile stand-alone model that creates flexible, costless and environmentally friendly packaging material. 20 mm infeed height (1-3 layer cardboard).
HSM Cardboard Shredder C400
Cardboard shredder in table top model that creates flexible, costless and environmentally friendly packaging material. 10 mm infeed height (one layer cardboard).
Metal coil 3:1
Metal coils, great complement to classic wire-O. This unique type has the same hole pattern as...
Cyklos Corner Rounder CCR40
Manual corner rounder, robust and smart designed for high performance and precision. Large operation desk and large waste drawer. Easy adjustment of angle support for perfect precision. One hardened steel punching tool is included, another five as optional.
Cyklos Rotary Perforator RPM 350 Plus
Friction fed automatic rotary perforating machine for up to SRA3 formats. 1-5 perforating wheel in same operation. Fast production, up to 6000 A4 sheets per hour.
Cyklos Creaser & Perforator GPM 320
Combined creasing and perforating machine with very high performance and precision. For format up to portrait SRA3. Perfect perforation for both thin and thicker sheets. Creasing with 3 different widths. Simple adjustment of skewness.

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