Baum 20
Baum 20 are extremely fast folding machines sold in two versions: PFF - Pile Feeder Folder and CFF - Continuous Feed Folder.
BAUM 20IPF Independent Deep Pile Feeder
Deep Pile Feeder which can be integrated with most devices on the market.
Baum Air Fold
Extremely fast suction fed folding machines. Two folding plates for seven different folding types and sound covers for more silent production.
Busch CL Die-Cutting Machine
An extremely robust die-cutter with increased punching power for large formats up to 330 x 380 mm.
Busch Feed Bander
Fully automatic banding of product piles following guillotines or folding machines.
Busch HL Pile Hoist
Pile hoists for automatic lifting and lowering of palletized cutting material for ergonomic work at a comfortable height.
Busch Paper Jogger BRA 87/115/150
Paper jogger with automatic, frequency controlled jogging mechanism and air removal roller.
Busch Pile Turner SWH 90/125
Pile turners with airing and aligning for sheet sizes up to 80 x 120 cm.
Cyklos CreaseFolder Trifold 360 & AirSpeed 450
Air fed multifunctional machine for creasing, perforation and punching. Input width 457 mm and input height 70 mm. Paper thickness for crasing and punching up to 400 g/m² and perforation up to 250 g/m².
Dürselen PB.04N
Powerful electric drill with up to six drill heads.
Fujipla ALM3222
Automatic sheet laminating machine with trimming of all four sides.
Grafcut G52H/G73H
Professional, fully hydraulic guillotines ideal for heavy duty users. Solid construction and robust design.
Introma Stapler ZD-2SR
Powerful spool-wire stitcher for flat and saddle stapling. Large stapling capacity.
Kompac EZ Koat
The Kompac EZ Koat product line is a small footprint UV and aqueous flood coating and curing system capable of sheet fed or web applications running inline or offline.
Rilecart Wire Binder WB-450
Semi-automatic binding machine for 3:1 and 2:1 spool wire. User friendly touch-screen operation.
Rilecart Wire System B-599 HF/DP-4500
The fastest fully automatic binding machine on the market. Can process book, pads, exercise books, diaries and many other products with double loop wire.
Schneider Senator 78/92 Compact/Advance
Guillotines for small-format cutting with direct electromechanical knife drive and hydraulic clamp bar.
Schneider Senator Sheet Transport System BTS
The Schneider Senator BTS pusher system has been designed for automatic loading of material to be cut from joggers or air board lifts on to the rear table of the guillotine.
Serva Heavy Puncher 100E
Powerful punching machine for larger production and all kinds of spirals.
Stago USM
The USM series models are flat and saddle staplers with up to 6 stapling heads. They feature the highest variability and an enormous stapling capacity of up to 250 sheets (80g plain paper).
Verdi Twin
An extremely versatile automatic vertical cutter. The combination of saw and blade cuts a wide range of materials with a maximum cutting depth of 22mm.
Warrior Heavy Puncher 21146
Powerful corner rounding and thumb-cut machine with air pressure clamping. Also punches plastic with tools in hardened steel. Suitable for high volumes and when requirements are at their highest.

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