Serva offers a wide range of machines for lamination of paper and other media. Manual laminating machines or automatic sheet laminating machines are appropiate for smaller sheets up to A3 size. For larger sheets we recommend roll laminating machines. You'll also find laminating film, both pouchess and rolls, in our consumable range. To see our products in lamination, select the desired category below or in the left menu. At the bottom of the page we also have facts about lamination.

Choose desired category in lamination

Pouch lamination
Ranging from smaller office machines to larger production printing machines.
Sheet lamination
Fully automatic machines with trimmers.
Roll lamination
Machines for hot or cold lamination of larger sheets.
Roll laminating films and pouches, suitable for our machines.

Facts about laminating:

Lamination is a way to protect your media from external impact such as dirt, scratches and in some cases, UV radiation. The laminate also affect the media's appearance and luster. There are different thicknesses of laminate, usually expressed in "micron." A higher micron gives a stiffer product, and in some cases better protection. A lower micron can be used if the product should be folded, rolled or bent. When you use lamination pouches, place your media in a plastic pouch which then merges by warmth of the machine. With roll laminating machines, you can also choose to laminate one side only.

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