Perforating - medium production

Cyklos Rotary Perforator RPM 350 Plus
Friction fed automatic rotary perforating machine for up to SRA3 formats. 1-5 perforating wheel in same operation. Fast production, up to 6000 A4 sheets per hour.
Serva Creaser 330SA
Semi-automatic creasing machine for small and medium production.
Bacciottini Pit Stop 36
An automatic perforating and creasing machine for sheet widths up to 36cm. The Pit Stop 36 is designed for print on demand and digital printing. Equipped with a creasing kit using adhesive matrix and suction feed.
Mamo Microperf A3
Friction fed automatic rotary micro-perforating machine. Up to five perforators.
Dekia Window Cutter 521
The Dekia Window Cutter peforates the sheet by punching 1mm wide "windows" making especially laminated sheets or heavier stock easy to fold and lay flat. For larger number of pages the perforation can be progressively moved. Suitable for laminated menus etc.

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