Punching - corner punching

Cyklos Corner Rounder CCR40
Manual corner rounder, robust and smart designed for high performance and precision. Large operation desk and large waste drawer. Easy adjustment of angle support for perfect precision. One hardened steel punching tool is included, another five as optional.
Dekia Corner Rounder CR68
Powerful corner rounding machine with seven built-in punching dies.
Warrior Corner Rounder
Versatile manual punching machine for corner rounding, straight corner punching, hole punching etc. Great "starting model" and for lower production volumes,
Paperfox Multipuncher MPE-2
Powerful electric punching machine to punch in many different materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, foil and leather. Tools for many different types of punching, even customized tools on request.
Warrior Heavy Puncher 21146
Powerful corner rounding and thumb-cut machine with air pressure clamping. Also punches plastic with tools in hardened steel. Suitable for high volumes and when requirements are at their highest.
Stago ESM-A
Extremely robust and powerful corner punching machine. High-performance electric drive combined with through-hardened and precision-ground cutting blades ensure perfect punching results.
Stago ESM-20
Extremely robust cornering machine for radii, straight and angled cuts.
Stago HS-50
Robust all-round punching machine for individual punches in single pieces and small series.
Warrior Puncher 3-1
Compact manual multifunction punching machine for corner, hole and name badge punching.

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