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Serva offers a wide range of manual and electric machines for binding and punching. There is also a combined machine that can handle all types of binding and punching. Also a machine for punching of larger sheet and/or large volumes. To view our products in wire binding, select the desired category below or in the left menu. View also facts about wire binding at the bottom of the page.

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Plastic Coil
Manual and electric machines for small to medium production.
Plastic Comb
Manual and electric machines for small to medium production.
Wire Binding
Manual and electric machines for small to medium production.
Combined machines
Punching and binding machines for various needs and higher volumes.
Industrial systems for wire binding.
Wire, covers and other supplies for wire binding.

Facts about wire bindning:

Wire binding is a quick and easy way to bind documents. There are essentially three types of wire binding, wire, coil and combs. In all variants you punch holes at the edge of the paper in which the wire is threaded. The punched holes can vary from round to square and rectangular. The number of sheets that can be bound varies depending on the binding method and the thickness of the sheets, but up to 300 sheets may be possible.

Coil are made of plastic or metal. The advantages are high durability and also the type of wire that can handle most number of sheets. Coil is more time consuming to bind than steel wire and comb. Works great for thicker manuals which do not require the highest exclusivity.

Comb are made of plastic, easy to bind and are mainly used when the demand for sustainability and exclusivity are not the highest.

Wire are made of steel. The most common method, most exclusive and easy to use. System 3:1 has a capacity up to 140 sheets and 2:1 can handle up to 280 sheets. The two methods 3:1 and 2:1 has different hole pattern and require different punching tools. There are also tools with calendar punching, for calender hangers.

Combined machines are capable of binding and punch several or all of the above methods.

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