Skrebba Skre-Block
Manual heavy duty stapler with high stapling capacity. Only a light hand pressure is needed which make this models very user-friendly.
Stago H18 T
Robust manual flat stapling machine for short runs and special requirements.
Skrebba Skre-Tronic
Electric flat stapling machine with automatic stapling by sensor.
Stago HM6 BS
This compact machine is ideal for professional use in offices, law firms, schools, government agencies and copy shops. Converting between flat stapling and saddle stapling is quickly done even for inexperienced users.
Stago HM15
Automatic stapling machine for flat and saddle stapling. The HM 15 and HM 15/2 combine versatility, efficiency, and robustness. Designed for professional continuous use.
Skre-Block Pneumatic
Powerful and fast pneumatic heavy duty machine with high stapling capacity.
Introma Stapler X14
Flexible stapling machine for flat and saddle stapling. High capacity for saddle stitching, works well with larger formats du to the great insertion depth.
Introma Stapler K8
Powerful stapling machine for heavy-duty stitching of cardboard, plywood, plastics, fabrics etc.
Introma Stapler T18
Powerful stapling machine developed for stitching cardboard boxes etc.
Stago H18 BSS
Robust manual flat and saddle stapling machine with 300mm insertion depth for short runs and special requirements.
Introma Stapler ZD-2SR
Powerful spool-wire stitcher for flat and saddle stapling. Large stapling capacity.
Stago USM
The USM series models are flat and saddle staplers with up to 6 stapling heads. They feature the highest variability and an enormous stapling capacity of up to 250 sheets (80g plain paper).

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