Roll storage

PlastGrommet SwivelRack
Mobile rack for 12 media rollers with 3 inch core. 360° rotatable plate for easier access in tight spaces.
PlastGrommet Easy Rack
Mobile ergonomic rack for 16 rolls with 3-inch core. Hinged roll holders for easier lifting of heavier media rolls.
PlastGrommet WallRack
Wall mounted media rack for 10 rolls with 2-3" core up to 162 cm width. Six wall fixation points and possibility of floor mounting for highest stability.
PlastGrommet Multi Rack
Mobile storage rack for 36 rolls with 2 or 3 inch core.
PlastGrommet BullRack 162
Robust mobile roller rack for efficient storage and easy access of up to 15 media rolls. Adapted for rolls with 2-3" core up to 162 cm width.
PlastGrommet Bull Rack XXL
Mobile storage rack for 8 rolls with lengths up to 320cm.
PlastGrommet Mobile 12/16
Mobile rack in robust tubular construction. Available in two versions, for 2-inch and 3-inch core.
PlastGrommet Table Rack
Mobile combined work table and storage rack for 56 rolls (table top optional).

Accessories - roll storage

PlastGrommet Quick Lifter
With PlastGrommet Quick Lifter lifting media rolls becomes a one-person job. Battery powered – lift or lower with the push of a button. Display that shows battery level. Easy to maneuver in narrow areas and can pass through an 80cm wide door.
PlastGrommet Cutter for BullRack 162
Practical cutting unit for BullRack 162, allows you to cut the media conveniently from the rack getting accurate results.

Board storage

PlastGrommet Rolling
Cart for storage and transport of rigid media.

Storage, other

Rotation 17 - stock cart
Mobile stock cart for paper stock, books, prints, etc. Lockable, heavy-duty casters.
O Stand
Work station with storage developed for the Opus Metalbind range. Stable design with room for machines on top and consumables within reach on the shelves with practical dividers.

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